Gymnastics allows special needs children to not only have an expressive outlet it also allows them to develop so many different physical and mental skills.

Concentration is required in each skill that is showcased in gymnastics. Learning to remember routines can lead to an increase of their attention span when carrying out other tasks. Children with SEN can develop various mobility skills during gymnastic by using different apparatus and learning new ways to move. Gymnastics also provides an organized environment where children with SEN can learn at their own pace with no pressure to have outstanding technical ability.  Another skill that will be developed during gymnastics is lots of cooperation and teamwork, classes may include exercises like trust falls where children will learn to trust and make bonds with their peers.

A further benefit of gymnastics is that it provides a learning environment for coaches to be able to tailor routines based on each participants ability which will make sessions more enjoyable and children will feel more comfortable with tasks they can accomplish.