Children with special educational needs can sometimes feel Isolated from their peers when it comes to physical activity, when involved in mainstream activities such as school PE lessons there can be a clear gap in ability that may diminish their confidence as activity based on a competitive nature can leave anyone who has less ability feeling inadequate. However, sporting programmes tailored to fit the needs of SEN children can give them the chance to gain a sense of inclusion and become part of a team. This enables them to develop transferable life skills such as improved communication as they take part in activities where they will communicate with peers and with coaches, this in turn will help them to become more cooperative as they begin to form connections with those around them, also having others who also have special needs helps to ensure that nobody feels isolated and that a positive inclusive environment can be maintained.

Many SEN children are unable to take part in most school sports teams. An environment where these kids can join a team and learn how to be a team player provides a positive setting for different interactions, friendly play, and general social development. Kids will also learn to work together when not playing sport by doing things like encouraging their teammates, learning to be a good sportsman and how to show respect for others.

SEN children can have a wide variety of developmental needs, SEN sport programmes are designed with certified coaching staff who can work closely with each child to teach them the fundamental skills of the game. From the basics of dribbling a football to more advanced skills like tackling, the children will be met at their level of ability and mentored in progressing through their sporting skills.