SEN Sports is a directory to offer information and locations to special educational needs sports clubs near you. Special Educational Needs sports clubs are clubs that provide a service to everyone including those who are disabled. It can be challenging for children and adults with special educational needs to participate in sport that is not catered toward them or doesn’t take this disability into account. Therefore, we have created a directory, to ensure that you can have the opportunities you deserve.

We wish to make sport more accessible to people with special educational needs by helping them find the access and inclusion through sport in areas local to them. Alongside this, we aim to promote the benefits and wellbeing sport offers to people who have special educational needs.

We strongly believe that sport can be beneficial to everyone, by offering an outlet for energy and an escape from emotional stress, sport can offer anything from comfort emotionally to benefits physically helping to develop movement, strength and stamina which improves important skills.

SEN Sport can help you improve your well being, confidence and moral by helping you find the sport that’s right for you in an area near you.