Children with special needs or disabilities can at times find themselves lacking in confidence, by giving them a fair chance to be involved in sports it provides them with the opportunity to develop their motor skills as well as learning to communicate better whilst improving their overall fitness and health.

Often children with special needs may lack the ability to properly perform some physical movements but as they take part in more physical activity It can in turn make day to day life easier for them as they slowly build core skills such as strength, balance and flexibility which is bound to impact everyday life.

It is sometimes the case that special needs and disabled children do not get to take part in as many social activities as other children do which has a detrimental effect on how they communicate with others. However, by taking part in different sporting activities it provides them with the means to overcome this obstacle as they find themselves engaging more and they will have the chance to become part of teams where they will inevitably make new friendships.

By making them feel as though they belong to something sport can help to boost self-esteem and confidence, children can gain valuable life experiences such as winning as part of a team and how to accept loss, things that cannot be taught in a classroom.

As they grow children are bound to experience things such as behavioural issues and different stresses in life, sport can help to give them a more positive outlook on the world by increasing every aspect of their quality of life as they learn to develop both physical and mental strength.

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