Actor singer Justin Timberlake lives with both OCD and ADD. his OCD manifests in the need to have things lined up properly and his ADD causes difficulty focusing, despite this Justin has had immense success in both the music and film industry winning nine grammys and four emmy awards for his work.

Harry potter star Daniel Radcliffe has the common neurological disorder dyspraxia which can effect the development of motor skills leading to problems such as poor balance and hand-eye coordination, Daniel has even been quoted as saying he sometimes has difficulty tying his shoelaces. his dyspraxia has not had a negative impact on his career however as he has racked up an impressive haul of awards featuring a star on the Hollywood walk of fame for his many roles, most noteably the young wizard harry potter.

Orlando bloom was diagnosed with dyslexia when he was just seven years old which made reading difficult for him, he found himself lacking any creative outlet and so turned to acting, eventually conquering the challenge of reading out loud whilst at acting school. After finishing school and beginning his career he started to use his dyslexia as a benefit rather than a negative point as it made him learn things in more depth in order to not forget lines and avoid stage fright.

All three of the above live within the public eye yet not much is heard about their conditions. they should serve as role models to any aspiring young actor or singer who doesn’t think they can be successfull because of SEN.

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