When coaching SEN classes it is important to identify the initial needs of the group as the people taking part are likely to process information differently to others and will need more time to understand and grasp different concepts and so methods of coaching have to be altered.

First of all consider the types of impairment within the group and ages of people involved for example young kids with ADHD will need more learning whilst doing methods of training as they struggle to keep attention when listening to a coach talking. Drills would need to be kept short so that they do not become fed up and talking in the sessions other than explanations of drills should be minimised.

It is important to get to know individuals within the group, coaching anyone with SEN requires a coach to build a lot more rapport and so the coach can get to know any triggers to certain behaviours that may hinder the sessions progress and put in place strategy to avoid that. It is also important to gain an idea of any existing ability participants may have so they don’t cover things they’ve already done and can work more on progression rather than dwelling on existing skills.

Another thing to consider when coaching SEN courses is the range of SEN friendly equipment available using things like multicoloured balls ect.. is just another feature that can help to engage participants and keep their attention to the session.

A key piece of advice is to approach sessions with an open mind and try new things constantly as it is important to have a range of activities so participants experience some variety.

Coaching people with special educational needs is not only beneficial for participants but for the coaches as well compared to typical coaching styles it forces coaches to come out of their comfort zones and to try something new, not only do they increase their range and skills in their job they can see first hand the benefits to participants and take pride in the differences they make to peoples lives and so SEN coaching can be very rewarding

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